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Prospective Customers

Lead Jini scans through millions of contacts and finds you the perfect customer. You can set the target areas or target specific companies that match your profile.

Advance Filters

You can search for specific job titles, or target a specific group of people based on their area of interest or their position in the company or department.


Get your email tailored to perfection based on our detailed information of your prospective customers. We make sure that you never miss a lead.

Automatic follow-ups

Lead Jini schedules and automates follow-ups to your prospective customers for efficient and timely business.

Lead detection

No more scrounging for positive leads. We scan all the positive responses and send them directly to your mailbox. Saving you time and energy and increasing efficiency.

Connect multiple email accounts

We understand that multiple email accounts are needed to make sure that you do not exceed your daily sending limit. Lead Jini distributes your scheduled emails between your accounts so that your email is delivered at maximum efficiency.

Focus Only On The Things That Matter

Strengthen your sales funnel, get sales-ready leads, build a robust sales pipeline when we help you focus on the things that matter by shortening the sales cycle, increasing conversion rates, supporting inside-sales function, manage the web of channel partners and accelerate the efficacy and productivity of the sales process.

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Unlock Your Growth Potential with One Tap Solutions

From millions of businesses worldwide we help you find your ideal partners with one tap. Our AI scans through extensive data to revolutionize your business and help your business grow to its full potential. There's no limit to the number of potential partners you can contact during the hours of the day.

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Stop Prospecting and start closing

Process Automate outbound sales in 4 simple steps


Select your category/market

Select the targeted audience through the panel which you want to reach.

Select your Campaign Group

Create clusters of your Audience to target as per your specific need. Dependencies can be restricted at campaign group level.

Set up your campaign

Create personalized templates and schedule the campaigns at desire time. All mails will be sent automatically along with followups at the scheduled time.

Monitoring your results

Regular Monitoring reports help you to make right decisions for your next campaigns.

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CEO, Founder
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COO, Founder
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Technology Head
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Technology Head
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Data Team Head
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Content Team Head
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Data Team Lead
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Sales Head

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